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Piling Caps

Cone Piling Caps

Piling caps extend the life and improve the look of your pilings. Cone pile caps deter birds.

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Cone Piling Cap

Flat Piling Caps

Piling caps extend the life of pilings and flat pile caps provide a clean look if they are level.

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Black Flat Pile Cap

How to Measure for Piling Caps

Avoid ever returning piling caps. Measure properly to ensure proper fitting.

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Pile Cap Measurements

White Piling Caps

Cone and flat white piling caps. From 5-1/2in to 18in.

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White Pile Caps

Black Piling Caps

Black piling caps have superior UV protection. Available in cone or flat.

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Black Pile Caps

6 Reasons Why Pilings Need Caps

Piling caps protect from weather, marine conditions, and animals.

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Cone Piling Cap

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Piling caps protect your dock piles from rot.  Cone caps are better for keeping birds off your dock piling and all caps are UV protected so they will not fade.  Order caps larger than your piling to avoid having to trim the top of the piling.