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Tide Tamer 1K Alum PM Manual
Tide Tamer 1K Alum PM Belt Hoist
Tide Tamer 1K Alum PM Direct Drive
Tide Tamer 1K Alum DM Manual
Tide Tamer 1K Alum DM Belt Hoist
Tide Tamer 1K Alum DM Direct Drive
Tide Tamer 1K Alum SM Manual
Tide Tamer 1K Alum SM Belt Hoist
Tide Tamer 1K Alum SM Direct Drive

The Original Rotating Jet Ski Lift

The Tide Tamer Swinger's patented design allows it to be the only PWC lift on the market that stays completely out of the water when it is raised. Their 1000 lbs capacity all-aluminum lift is perfect for up to three seater watercraft under 1000 lbs. Tide Tamer's PWC lift can rotate a full 180 degrees to allow for maintenance or storage over your dock. A piling mount lift, dock mount lift, and seawall mount version are available. See below for the mouting requirements and specifications. The Swinger can be ordered in manual or electric with Tide Tamer's outstanding Hatteras Drive and a stainless steel motor. All lifts use a stainless steel cable for long cable life.


 NOTE:   PM = Piling Mount   DM = Dock Mount   SM = Seawall Mount

  • Tide Tamer's patented pwc lift design mounts totally out of the water
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • PWC lifts rotate 180 degrees onto dock or seawall for safe and easy access to your vessel
  • Holds up to a 5' wide boat
  • Fully carpeted 53in long bunk boards
  • Has 7' of travel standard and is available with 9' of travel
  • Totally maintenance free option
  • Manual or electric
  • Optional remote control available
  • Direct drive Hatteras unit available with stainless motor
  • Stainless steel cable for long life
  • PWC lifts comes with simple instructions for easy installation. Lift comes mostly pre-assembled
  • For piling mounted rotating lifts an 8" round piling with 30" above the dock is required
  • For piling mounted stationary lifts, an 8" piling with 24" above the dock is required
  • For dock mounted lifts, a 6" piling is required, cut off flush with the dock surface
  • For seawall mounted lifts, a concrete seawall is required
  • 3/4 HP motor will operate on 9.8 amps @ 110V and 4.9 amps @ 220V for electric lift (20 amp service required)
  • Hefty Hoist is 110V only
  • Manual winch has no special requirements
  • Lift has a travel speed of 73 inches per minute

The lift should not be altered in any way to lift wider boats. Never ride a PWC lift or any lift up or down. BLW lifts and hoists are not for lifting people in any way.  Never attempt to operate with an extension cord or generator. Mount lift switch in location that cannot be reached from PWC.

  • 10 year structural Tide Tamer warranty on aluminum
  • 5 year warranty on drive units
  • 1 year warranty on all electrical components
  • See Full Tide Tamer Warranty

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