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ShoreMaster Lift 40966 Complete

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The 4000 lbs vertical lift is the most common style lake lift.  This model is for boats only under 9ft wide - allowing for the lift to work in narrow spaces. With the ShoreMaster vertical lift, you only need 18 inches of water clearance and most models have a lifting height of 66 inches, the highest in the industry. The double V-side design allows for easy access to your boat from either side of the lift.  This type of lift works with many different lake restrictions and requirements.

  • 4000 lbs maximum capacity
  • 108in inside width
  • 66in lifting height
  • 36in lift legs
  • 120in overall width
  • Access to boat from both sides of lift
  • Includes 11ft long carpeted bunks (upgradeable to aluminum bunks)

  • ShoreMaster Lift Mate
    Electric Drive

    • 110v Lift Mate
    • 12v Lift Mate

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    Lift Mate Electric Winch

    Lift Mate with Remote

    • 110V with Remote
    • 12V with Remote

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    Remote Lift Mate

    Aluminum / Vinyl Bunks
    (Upgrade Only)

    MSRP $76
    Price $60

    Aluminum Bunks

    9ft x 25ft Canopies

    • Viny 25ft Kit
    • WeatherMax 25ft Kit

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    9x25 Canopies

    Pontoon Cradles

    • Pontoon Cradles
    • Wood Bunks
    • Aluminum Bunks

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    Pontoon Cradles

    11ft Full-Length Aluminum Guides

    MSRP $521
    Price $449.99

    Full-Length Guide-ons

    ShoreMaster Pontoon Racks Kit

    MSRP $533
    Price $449.99

    Pontoon Racks

    ShoreMaster Motor Stop (non-pontoon)

    MSRP $155
    Price $130

    Lift Motor Stop

    Extended Lift Legs

    • 5ft Lift Leg
    • 7ft Lift Leg
    • 9ft Lift Leg

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    Lake Lift Legs

    ShoreMaster Roll-in Wheel Pair

    Price $204

    Roll-in Wheel Pair Kit