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GEM Auto Stop Boat Lift remote control

GEM Auto Stop Boat Lift Remote Prices

GEM 2 motor remote with Auto Stop (GR2A) Limit switch sold separately.

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One Touch Boat Lift Operation

With a single touch of the button your boat lift will raise and lower to preset positions.  No more holding the button down while waiting for the lift.  A device called a limit switch attaches to the boat lift and counts how far the lift has travelled up or down.  Call us to check compatibility with your lift.

  • Wireless operation for a boat lift with 1 or 2 motors
  • One-touch operation for raising or lowering the boat lift
  • Configurable limit switch to set the up position and down position
  • 120v or 240v operation
  • Backup manual operation
  • Lockable remote control box

1 year manufacturer's warranty

GEM wireless boat lift remote controls can operate boat lifts having from 1 to 4 motors.  GEM also offers a 2 lift remote and auto-stop features for one-touch operation.  Compatible with many boat lifts including boathouse lifts, Tide Tamer, Boat Hoist USA, Aqua Marine, Davit Master, Quality Boat Lifts, Hi-Tide and more.  Check the instructions on the product page for a full boat lift remote compatibility list.