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GEM Wireless Remote for 2 Boat Lifts

2 Lift Remote GR2F1

GEM Remote for 2 Boat Lifts Prices

GEM 2 Lift Remote - 1 Motor Each

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Operate 2 Lifts with 1 Remote

The GEM GR2F1 remote operates 2 independent boat lifts.  This boat lift remote control operates one lift at a time and switches between lifts with a toggle switch on the control unit.  The remote control only operates boat lifts with one motor each.

  • Operates 2 single-motor boat lifts independently
  • Toggle switch selects the boat lift to be operated wirelessly
  • Each lift must have only one motor
  • Convenient for operating 2 jet ski lifts
  • Each lift must have only one motor
  • Check instructions for details on compatibility and wiring requirements

1 year manufacturer's warranty