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Boat Lift Remote Controls

Wireless boat lift control systems

GEM Remote
Boat Lift Control Box

Wireless boat lift remotes for the ultimate convenience with electric boat lifts.

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GEM Boat Lift remote

ShoreMaster and Shoreline Remotes

ShoreMaster and Shoreline boat lift remote controls for vertical and cantilever lake lifts.

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ShoreMaster Remote Options

Remote Transmitters

Transmitters for boat lift remote controls. We carry Shoreline, GEM, and TEC.

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Boat Lift Remote Transmitters

GEM Remotes

The GEM boat lift remote control systems include a 2-motor, 4-motor, and 2-lift remote. Auto stop also available.

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GEM Boat Lift remote

Why Buy a Boat Lift Remote?

Remember before you had a boat lift? You'll be saying the same thing about a boat lift remote control.

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Happy Couple use boat lift remotes

TEC Boat Lift Remote Controls

Up to 500ft range and competitively priced.

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TEC Boat Lift Remote Control

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You've bought a boat lift for the convenience of avoiding the wait time at the boat ramp.  Now stop waiting on your lift by purchasing a wireless boat lift remote control.  Not only for convenience, a remote control for your boat lift can be used to send the lift up after launching and the auto-stop feature enables one-touch operation for raising and lowering.  We offer boat lift remote controls for GEM, Shoreline and TEC.