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PWC Lift Purchasing Guide

You've got your personal watercraft and you've just purchased it, or you're just now looking at a pwc lift to keep it out of the water and protect it from the elements. But there are so many options. How do you decide which one you need, which one will be a quality lift, and how do you keep from paying too much for something that you don't need?

Boat Lift Warehouse Customer Service
At Boat Lift Warehouse, we'll listen to you and make recommendations based on your needs and wants, then leave the pwc lift purchasing decision up to you. We'll never pressure you into an overpriced pwc lift that won't do the job. And if we don't have a solution that will work for you, we'll find one.

Which Type of Lift?
The most important two factors when purchasing a pwc lift are how much does your personal watercraft weigh, and how do you want to mount your pwc lift? There are many different types of pwc lifts, but these two questions usually narrow your options down to a couple of different quality lifts that will do the job for you. Lifts can mount on the side of a piling, on top of a piling flush with your dock, on a dock without a piling, on a concrete seawall, or a as a separate floating drive-on unit. There are also Roll-n-Go shore ramps that will set on the shore and pull your personal watercraft onto dry land.

Piling Mount Lifts
Tide Tamer pwc lifts are best for mounting a lift on a piling. Tide Tamer lifts come completely out of the water so that no part of the lift is left in the water to corrode or collect buildup. Tide Tamer pwc lifts also swing 180 degrees over your dock for storage, maintenance, and refueling. These pwc lifts are available in either aluminum or hot-dipped galvanized steel and can support a weight up to 1500 lbs. The 1000 lbs. capacity lift is available in electric or manual, the 1500 lbs. capacity lift is available in electric only. Tide Tamer pwc lifts all come with an enclosed gearbox drive unit that requires no greasing. The galvanized lifts have a three year warranty and the aluminum lifts have a ten year warranty.
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Dock Mount Lifts
There are a couple of pwc lifts that will mount on a dock, depending on how your dock is set up. Tide Tamer pwc lifts can mount on a dock if it is supported by a piling that is cut off flush with the dock. These pwc lifts will support up to a 1000 lbs. load, are available in aluminum or galvanized, and will swing 180 degrees over your dock. Tide Tamer pwc lifts leave no part of the lift in the water and are backed by the Tide Tamer warranty - up to ten years. If your dock has no sufficient pilings, a Demco Lil' Lifter pwc lift may work for you. The Lil' Lifter comes in either a 750 lbs. capacity or a 1000 lbs. capacity model and is constructed of aluminum. These lifts have a track that runs down into the water for the cradles. Both of these lifts have an enclosed gearbox drive unit to eliminate greasing, but are available in manual units as well.
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Seawall Mount Lifts
Pretty much any lift that will mount on a dock will also mount on a seawall. Tide Tamer pwc lifts up to 1500 lbs. capacity will mount on a seawall and swing over onto land, 180 degrees. These pwc lifts are constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel with a three year warranty or aluminum with a ten year warranty. These lifts leave no parts in the water to corrode or collect buildup and they come with enclosed gearbox drive units or manual winch. Demco Lil' Lifters will also mount on a seawall, but they have a track that runs down into the water all the time. The Tide Tamer lifts are recommended over the Demco Lil' Lifters for a seawall application.
See Tide Tamer Lifts or Demco Lil' Lifters

Drive-On Dry Docking
We provide the Shoremaster Shoreport drive-on dry docking solution for those who enjoy the convenience of a drive-on solution. These drive-ons have a maximum capacity of 1150 lbs. and can be linked together for a dual drive-on style. The Shoreport pwc drive-on has rollers that make it easy to drive-on and roll-off. These Shoreports can be connected to fixed docks or floating docks.
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Shore Docking Solution
An economical alternative to other lifts is a shore docking application. Roll-n-Go's are aluminum rails with rollers that anchor on the shore, then run into the water. They have a winch at the shore end to easily crank your craft right up onto the land. Roll-n-Go's are a good alternative if you don't have a dock or a seawall.
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