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AOS Replacement 3/4HP Motor ONLY TENV 56 Frame
AOS Replacement 3/4HP Motor - TENV (48 Frame)
AOS Replacement 1HP Motor RD - TENV
AOS Replacement 1-1/2HP Motor - TENV
AOS Replacement 3/4HP Motor - C-Face TENV
AOS (replacement) 1-HP Motor RD - C-Face TEFC
AOS Replacement 1-1/2HP Motor - C-Face TEFC

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This AO Smith Replacement Motor is now manufactured by Regal-Beloit.   See wiring diagrams (below) to connect AO Smith motors to factory Aqua Marine wire harnesses to ensure proper wiring. Ensure that the capacitor (the large box on top of the motor) is in the same position as the motor that you are replacing to prevent problems with mounting. Make sure that the motor that you purchase can be used with the voltage at your lift (115V/230V). See our Motor Troubleshooting Guide to determine if your motor needs replacing or if you have some other problem with your switch, wires or power setup.


Totally enclosed non-vented boat lift motors Prevents dirt dobbers 1725 RPMs (standard for boat lifts) Reversible for up and down 48 Frame motors are 110V ONLY, 56 Frame motors are 110V / 220V




1 year warranty

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AMS Handle and Screw FOR Bremas Switch


AMS (Bremas Style) Maintained Wire Harness 110V -Reverse Switch - MTD Wired in box (15ft wire, GFCI, 6ft pig tail with plug)


AMS (Bremas style) Spring Wire Harness 110V - Reverse Switch - Spring Wired in box (15ft wire, GFCI, 6ft pig tail with plug)


AMS Spring Wire Harness (Bremas Style) Maintained (Lock-on) Wire Harness 220V - Reverse Switch - MTD Wired in box(15ft wire, GFCI, 6ft pig tail with plug)


AMS Reverse Switch (Bremas) - Lock-on In Box NO WIRE


AMS Reverse Switch (Bremas type) - Spring In Box NO WIRE


Boat Hoist 2in Metal Pulley for 56 Frame


Motor Pulley - 2in (1/2 shaft) for 48 Frame Motor