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Tide Tamer MiniMaxx Dock Lake Lift

MiniMaxx Manual Dock Lift for Lakes Prices

MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 5ft Manual
Our Price$1,489.00
Sale Price$1,299.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 7ft Manual
Our Price$1,566.00
Sale Price$1,379.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 5ft Belt Drive
Our Price$1,659.00
Sale Price$1,499.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 7ft Belt Drive
Our Price$1,735.00
Sale Price$1,529.99
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 5ft Direct Drive
MiniMaxx Lake Dock Lift 7ft Direct Drive
ETZINCPL&WR: Zinc Plate with 10ft Wire
1000 Swinger AND 1200 MiniMAXX Extended Arms Upgrade
MiniMaxx Piling Mount Bracket (Substitution for Dock mount bracket)

Low-Profile Lake Dock Lift

Introducing the Tide Tamer low-profile lake dock lift.  With a 1200 lbs lifting capacity and the ability to hold a boat up to 5ft wide this lift suits most dock side solutions.  Tide Tamer's 15+ years of experience in manufacturing PWC lifts brings this product now to the lake market. The easiest lift to install and use, it ships pre-assembled and is equipped with a low ratio compounded winch manual winch or a low-maintenance electric winch.  The lfit is constructed of welded marine-grade aluminum and designed provide a low-profile lifting solution to inland lakes.


Low-profile dock mounting design Constructed of welded, marine-grade aluminum Pre-assembled lift is easy to install in just a few steps 1,200 lbs capacity Lifts up to a 5ft wide v-hull boat Available with 5ft of travel or 7ft of travel Optional electric drive


Maximum 1200 lbs capacity Mounts to a flat dock surface Requires supporting structure such as a post underneath Lifts up to a 5ft wide v-hull boat.

The Piling Mount bracket is designed to fit a 10 inch piling but can be customized to fit an 8 inch pilings if necessary. (Please notify us at time of order by phone or email to avoid extra charges)

The lift should not be altered in any way to lift wider boats. Never ride a PWC lift or any lift up or down. BLW lifts and hoists are not for lifting people in any way.  Never attempt to operate with an extension cord or generator. Mount lift switch in location that cannot be reached from PWC.

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